Information and Resources for Student Affairs Staff

As a traditional, campus-based team, you may find working remotely somewhat challenging. Trying to remain productive, searching for resources, and keeping in the loop may also seem overwhelming.  These are unprecedented times, and for many of us, the near future will require adaptability, understanding, and continuous learning.

To assist with some of the questions and concerns regarding telecommuting, I hope that this unofficial and informal guidance will serve as a starting point as we work together to support one another, create new ideas, and tap into resources. On this site, you will find links to upcoming professional development opportunities and resources, as well as a few questions to consider while working remotely.

For supervisors, the transition to remote working may have left you feeling off balance or uncertain as to how best to support your team while still trying to ensure the best continuity for students. Please note that the information on this site is not intended to be Campus or Division direction, only guidance. I hope you find this information helpful as you plan to support your team and re-envision how leadership, workflow, supervision and interaction evolve to succeed in an online environment.

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Remote Working FAQ

This section includes additional considerations and questions related to working remotely.  Check back in as we continue to build upon this list.

  • What if I need to go back to my office to get some things?

    We recommend that you connect with your supervisor to determine the appropriate staff or team member to contact to gain access to your office or desk space.  Additionally, if it is recommended that you connect with colleagues in your building/office space to ensure social distancing guidelines.

  • How do I stay in the loop?

    Continue to monitor the UCR COVID 19 webpage and the Campus Return site. Be proactive in sharing your work task list with your supervisor; determine a way that works best for the both of you to stay up to date on progress.
    Follow up with your supervisor to see if there are any other projects or tasks that might need your assistance.

  • How do I stay productive?
    • Schedule time for “Spring Cleaning”
    • Clean up your email inbox
    • Organize your department’s shared drive
    • Consolidate files to enhance productivity while working remotely
  • Can I continue to work from home?

    When we receive campus guidance and receive a clearance to "Return-to-Work," we expect all employees to report to work on campus following an official clearance to return-to-work. For individuals with a compromised immune system or caring for a loved one with a COVID related illness, there will be an exception. You should discuss your specific circumstances with your manager who will consult with VCSA HR as applicable..

  • What if I can’t get to work?

    It is likely that some employees will have to change their normal commuting practice. Using mass transit may not be an option or may be considered too risky for some. You should take steps now to identify all potential options for a safe commute, such as using a personal vehicle or ride-share services. If you have difficulty with transportation to work, please discuss this with your supervisor.

  • Can we have a staggered work shift?

    One option when we receive a clearance to “Return-to-Work” may be to stagger the start and end times of work shifts to reduce the number of people coming and going at any particular time. For example, instead of everyone working 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and entering the parking garage, elevator, coffee areas, etc. at the same time, we may have some employees start and end their day a bit earlier or later than their traditional hours. If this is an option, your supervisor will meet with you to discuss a schedule that works for the department.